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Dissertation proposal

Dissertation proposal is an essay plan that has introduction, proposal body, methodology, objectives and literature review. “Dissertation proposal is one of the most essential part of your writing process and will make the whole dissertation process more friendly”



The dissertation process is essential for the whole writing process. Having a good start will make the whole dissertation process look beautiful. Do not worry if you have less or no idea about hypothesis with the guidance you will do fine. You should have clear idea about your topic. A brief guide is in the following:


This is where you will introduce the readers about your topic. A brief elaboration of the research with the background is needed. You should layout important areas of the thesis here.

Proposal body Methodology

This section is where you will outline most of the methods through which you have collected the data. If the research paper is quantitative then this will include a questionnaire, data source and the scope of the research. Stating the reasons for the used methods are important here.


Here writers need to put light on the aims of the research project to ensure the readers understand the goal of the whole study.

Literature Review

Over this area you need to provide existing knowledge that you possess and show the readers the importance of your research. It is the place where you have chance to connect your topic to other research topic. You should never add sources that may not add value to your work.

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